Speedrunning Mayhem Update #1

The map has made some significant progress in the past month! We have finalized nearly every last detail and have begun to work on the separate game modes while also building the map at the same time. As of right now, we have 3/10 overworld maps near completion. Furthermore, the size of the team has expanded! We now have seven active team members as compared to the five we had before. We now have 4 builders and 3 developers to balance everything out, as compared to the 4 builders and 1 developer we had before.

o Please welcome Deadlycupcake & MeneerMathieu to the ForumJelly team
o Jungle area and Snowy Taiga areas have been completed
o Work has begun on the Bingo game mode and the random tasks game mode
o Concepts and the team overall have started to become organized
o Images have been updated

View changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd


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