Warsong Update #4

Due to the legality of the project, we are unfortunately going to have to make some major changes. As of today, Project Warsong will not be a board-game based on Warlords. We are going to have to change the concepts of the game.

This project is not going to get canceled but it will no longer have any affiliation with Hypixel or Warlords. We will continue development with our own ideas/concepts moving forward.

Due to this, all updates will no longer be made on this thread or the Hypixel Forums. All threads related to Warsong will be locked. There will be no more future threads related to the project either. All information will now be found on the Warsong Discord & Official Site.

In the coming days, the discord/site will be undergoing changes in order to comply with Warsong’s future. Expect a few more announcements and updates soon!

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Official Site: https://craftdiamonds.net/warsong/ <<
>> Twitter: https://twitter.com/crafdiamonds <<
>> Archived threads can be found on the Warsong Discord <<

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