Warsong Update #5

It’s been a while since the last update! Due to final exams, we had to temporarily halt production. Though, we are back at it now with a shiny new update!

We have continued to develop ideas/concepts and further refined them. We have started to work on board designs, board hazards, classes, refining how mana works, weapons, powerups, and a new ability called “Warsong.” View the changelog below for more details, we hope to kick this project into high gear!

– The games webpage has been heavily updated and refined so that it’s easier to understand what the game is about
– The class system has been revamped. Players now build their own classes instead of using pre-builts
– Board hazard ideas have been introduced
– The powerup system has been further developed
– The concept of weapons have shifted, now being a permanent buff that players will be able to change if they can make it to the “weapons space”
– A new ability has been added called “Warsong” which is a complex one-use ability that players will be able to pickup from the Warsong space. Players will then be able to charge their “Warsong” by using abilities. Once fully charged, the player can unleash an extremely deadly move. Only one person can hold the Warsong at a time in the entire game; upon usage or death, the Warsong respawns at the Warsong space.

To view these changes in greater detail, refer to the official Warsong page or review the In-Depth information below! Please do not hesitate to join our discord as well 🙂

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Official Site: https://craftdiamonds.net/warsong/ <<
>> In-Depth Information: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <<
>> Twitter: https://twitter.com/crafdiamonds <<

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