Warsong Update #6

What do you all think of E3 so far? In other news, it’s time for an update!

As per usual, we have continued to work on concepts/ideas, but we are a lot more solid than before. We have all the key ideas down and it’s time to further advance them! We have also continued to work on board designs, classes, weapons, and items! Review the changelog below.


  • The games webpage has been adjusted with colors and more information + some QoL fixes.
  • Items have now been introduced as single-use consumables; typically it will be an art or a simple move (restore health, more movement to a dice, etc.)
  • We have shifted theme of this game a bit, where everything is now based off of “War, Music/Song, and Fantasy/Magic” so everything will revolve around these concepts.
  • Each class has now been furthered, explaining how each class differs from one another and how each class is can be played.
  • Based on the discord poll, all abilities will now be referred too as “Arts.”
  • We have furthered development on map layouts, below is one such potential layout.

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