Warsong Update #7

It’s that time of year again, a Warsong update! We’ve been making amazing progress and we predict that we will move on to “Phase 2: Prototyping” by the end of the summer! As per usual, we have continued to further develop our ideas and have heavily refined them. We have continued to work on classes, weapons, items, powerups, health, death, and more! Please review the changelog below.

But wait… a special announcement?
What??? A special announcement, yes. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the information for nearly all of the class arts we have been working on, this includes Mage, Warrior, Paladin, and Shaman. We are doing this because we want to ask you, yes you, for opinions and thoughts on these arts. We would like you all to try and create builds that you would use if you were actually playing the game with your mates. This information will help us determine the best direction to take for the arts and classes.


  • Capture the Flag has been more fleshed out
  • All four classes have been heavily worked upon; hp, mana, ap, and each classes playstyle has been determined
  • All arts have been loosely created for all classes
  • Buffs & Debuffs have been introduced and created (status effects)
  • The amount of recommended players for the game has been determined
  • Health, Death, and Mana have been further advanced
  • Items have made significant progress; now including 3 categories of them and changing how they work
  • The Warsong has been slightly altered, instead of being bound to a class, you can pick what Warsong ability to use
  • Powerups will now trigger if a player lands on it

    Please review the in-depth info or join the discord for more information

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