Speedrunning Mayhem Update #4

We are back with another update! Progress is going smoothly as we continue to build the worlds for the map. However, due to World Edit for 1.17 taking a while to release, we will unfortunately not be able to finish all the overworlds before summer ends like we predicted. Instead, we have started to build the nether/ends for the overworlds we have already built, we plan to finish this before the summer ends as we do not need 1.17 to do this.

o Nether for the Plains and Jungle have been completed
o Nether for the Snowy and Inverse have been started
o Discussion for how we will build the End Islands have been furthered
o Images and Thread Information has been updated

View Changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd

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