Warsong Update #8

Time for another update as we inch ever closer to the Prototyping Phase. We refined how Capture the Flag will work and created the rules for the game mode, in addition we have completely revamped Domination changing it heavily. All that remains until the next phase is refining the weapons, warsongs, items, arts, and powerups. View all the changes below or visit the In-Depth doc to really see everything in full detail.

As for the special announcement made last update, don’t worry it’s still going to happen at some point! We will likely release the information for the arts when we move onto prototyping.


  • Capture the flag has been refined
  • Domination has been changed completely to a game mode about capturing “districts” or “zones” instead of specific territory points
  • Buffs & Debuffs have been finalized
  • Mage and Warrior arts have been near-finalized
  • Paladin and Shaman arts are being refined
  • % Based effects have been discussed and refined
  • Item, Weapon, and Warsong development has begun

    Please review the in-depth info or join the discord for more information

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