Speedrunning Mayhem Update #5

Guess who’s back with another update! Progress is still going smoothly but as predicted, we were unable to start developing before the summer ended. However, with World Edit nearing 1.17 release, we will begin to finish up the maps and start development really soon. Though, we unfortunately decided to cut two of the maps, the maps in question being Zombie Apocalypse and Cavern as we did not feel like they would fit in a map like this. We plan to start developing when we have 6/8 (3/4) of all the maps done! We aim to have this map completed or near-completed by the end of the year, but no promises.

Overworld Maps: 5/8 completed
Nether Maps: 4/8 completed
End Maps: 0/8 completed

o Nether for Snowy and Inverse have been completed
o Production on the End maps have started
o Images and Thread information have been updated

View Changes Here
Planet Minecraft: 
Hypixel Forums: 

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