Warsong Update #9

The day has arrived, Project Warsong has now entered Phase 2: Prototyping and Concept Refinement! From this point on, we are going to start experimenting with board designs, card designs, and see how all of our concepts mesh together in the overall game. However, we will still be improving all aspects of this game, meaning that things like CTF or Arts could still change.

You can expect us to start posting more images pretty soon as we move on from just ideas to actual products. For those of you in the Warsong Discord, expect more polls and us engaging with the community more. In addition, at some point during this phase we will release the information on arts.

Finally, we are going to start pushing this project heavily once the ball starts rolling for this phase. We will be posting on game dev forums, joining board game discords, and more to start gaining more attention. So do expect the community to become more lively soon (hopefully). Please also help us by spreading the word as well ^-^


  • Added/Created powerups
  • All arts have been finalized and are ready for prototyping
  • Prototyping phase has begun
  • Items and Warsongs have been furthered
  • Talent Arts and the “Marked” effect has been removed; this is due to the fact that it felt tacked on rather than a strategic ability in the game
  • Weapons have been removed; this is due to the fact that items achieve the same purpose and players are already having to account for a lot, weapons just felt like an unnecessary addition
  • Items are going to play a larger role in the game with the removal of weapons, being the alternative to arts and adding a sense of randomness

Please review the in-depth info or join the discord for more information

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