Speedrunning Mayhem Update #6

Apologies for being super late but we are back with another update, midterms did slow us a bit! World Edit has been released for 1.17 so pretty soon we will be moving towards installing it and continuing overworld building. However, we plan on finishing the end and nether maps to match the overworld maps we have completed! We still aim to at least start development by the end of the year; which will start when all dimensions’ maps are 6/8 completed.

Overworld Maps: 5/8 Completed
Nether Maps: 4/8 Completed
End Maps: 2/8 Completed

o End for Plains and Snowy have been completed
o Focus has been shifted for the end areas so that they may catch up with the nether/ends
o Images and Thread information has been update

View Changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd

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