Speedrunning Mayhem Update #7

It’s time to address why this project has been static. To put it short, everyone on the team has mostly gone their separate ways; as it’s stands, we have no developers and 1-3 builders. In addition, many of us are extremely busy with school, especially me as finals come up. At the moment, I’ve been reaching out seeking builders and devs as I wish to see this and Proxima be completed one day. I am not putting this project on pause as it’s still gaining some progress, however, there have been a few changes… we have also decided to remove Atlantis from the map list as it’s too similar to Pirates and we want to complete this map at a reasonable time. I apologize for this sad news, but the map will hopefully be completed one day!

Overworld Maps: 5/7
Nether Maps: 4/7
End Maps: 2/7

o Atlantis has been cut
o Efforts for more builders and developers have been kickstarted

View Changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd

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