Warsong Update #11

It’s been a while eh? I apologize if everything went quiet, the project kind of died. Here’s why… it wasn’t feeling quite “right.” Something about the project wasn’t sitting well, I just had a weird feeling that the game wouldn’t have been all that fun and was too complicated. The biggest issue we had was the fact that the players had too much data to track for a board game; from how many turns status effects lasted, powerups, how long certain art effects lasted, etc.

I spent a good while pacing back and forth on what we should do with the project. After much deliberation, I decided to continue with Phase 2 but focus more on Concept Refinement. I’ve completely halted work on prototyping as we are making a lot of changes to the project itself, even doubling down and removing/reworking entire concepts.

Overall, the project is now heading in a good direction as we focus a bit more on making things more simple and focus more on the chaos of fun!

> In-Depth info has been heavily updated
> Swamp hazard has been reworked to deal damage instead of slowing the player
> As per the discord poll, nearly every single Art is going to be reworked to be more unique, easy to follow, and less dependent on Status Effects; while staying true to the classes
> Each class will only have 4-5 arts (in attack, unity, healing, and ultimate) to choose from; any eliminated art concepts will potentially be used elsewhere

> Armor and Reflect buff has been removed
> Jink and Crippled have been removed; Knockback as well but we ruled it’s not really a “debuff” rather just a part of an ability
> Bind, Topple, and Wound have been altered
> Debuff Immunity has been altered
> Capture the Flag rules are being evaluated

> Territory Capture has been removed
> Items are now going to be focused on heavily, being on par with arts in terms of importance
> The introduction of the “plates” which will help track certain things that may last more than one turn, usually color-coded; there are still things to track but it’s not nearly as much as it was before; view in-depth info for more information

> The game will now be designed for 4 to 6 players
> Arts, Status Effects, Health/Death/Mana, CTF, Game Pieces, Power-Ups, Items, and the Warsong are the main areas of focus right now

The public Mage and Warrior arts are out of date but will be left public! In addition, the official Warsong site will not be updated to reflect the game changes soon as the entire site will be heavily updated at some point within a few weeks!

Please review the in-depth info or join the discord for more information

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