Muqarib Tahir Anwar | Photo taken by Abbas Tahir Anwar

It is I, Muqarib T. Anwar; otherwise known as “craftdiamonds” on the internet; an old man at the age of 20. I started as a simple, humble side character of this game we call life, but now I have picked up the sword and have been thrown out into the world to achieve something big!

My real passion is in game design and the creative aspects of game development; specifically creating amazing experiences for players of all kinds to enjoy. I also enjoy a fair bit of other creative mediums such as photography and building cool things in Minecraft. To further myself, I also plan on really learning C#, Java, and Python in the future; plus how to use certain engines such as Unity, Godot, and Game Maker Studio 2.

I enjoy playing video games, especially messing around in Minecraft. One of my favorite things to do is create little Minecraft adventures or minigames for other players to have fun with. My favorite Minecraft project I am working on is this Metroidvania-style adventure map that is inspired by Super Metroid and Hollow Knight; along with my own ideas of course. In addition, I am also working on a new board-game inspired by the RPG genre and team-based fighting games!
[See Game Projects & Minecraft for more info]

I have about three years of general experience in game design and have 5+ years working with Minecraft. I’ve got strong skills with game design concepts and basic knowledge of script writing languages. I like to learn by messing around with things rather than follow tutorials, but I also work well with others if need be. As of right now, I am working on a board game and two Minecraft maps; with several past Minecraft publications and a single card game to boot.

Additional Facts About Me
> My top five favorite video games are Minecraft, Xenoblade Chronicles, Hollow Knight, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Kid Icarus Uprising

> I like to stay organized, to the point where I actually have a list of every video game I have beaten and plan to beat

> I have been playing Minecraft for over 7 years, my favorite servers are: Hypixel, Wynncraft, and Mineplex

> Other than the aforementioned things, I also like to go hiking and riding bikes

> I am currently attending the University of Maryland College Park

> My favorite kind of music are video game OSTs

> My favorite video games are Nintendo games

> I am the oldest of six siblings