Picture of Me

Muqarib Tahir Anwar | Photo Taken by Abbas T. Anwar

It is I, Muqarib T. Anwar, otherwise known as “craftdiamonds” on the internet. I started as a simple NPC of this game we call life, but now I have picked up the sword and have been thrown out into the world to achieve something big!

I am currently a 21-year-old student at Universe of Maryland: College Park. I'm currently majoring in the Environmental Field and taking up Game Development as a solo ambition. My real passion lies within the game design as I liked to create cool experiences for players of all kinds to enjoy or admire. I also enjoy other creative mediums such as photography, pixel art, voxel art, and building cool things in Minecraft. 

I also love playing video games, my favorite pastime is simply messing around in Minecraft. Though, other than Minecraft I mainly stick to single-player games, mostly Nintendo. My top five favorite games of all time are Minecraft, Xenoblade Chronicles, Hollow Knight, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid Dread. 

My current goal is to, of course, graduate from university. Though on my own, my major goal is to become a full-time indie game designer/developer. I hope to make my own super cool games that will gain traction as I enjoy the art of it all. 

I have about three years of general experience in game design and have 7+ years working with Minecraft. I’ve got strong skills with game design concepts and basic knowledge of script writing languages. I like to learn by messing around with things rather than following tutorials, but I also work well with others if need be. 

- Muqarib T. Anwar | craftdiamonds
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