Warsong Update #6

What do you all think of E3 so far? In other news, it’s time for an update! As per usual, we have continued to work on concepts/ideas, but we are a lot more solid than before. We have all the key ideas down and it’s time to further advance them! We have also continued to … More Warsong Update #6

Proxima Update #24

It’s been nearly four months and 1.17 has just been released. We are aware of this and we are also aware of the fact that we said we would continue development once 1.17 is released. However, we would like to release this minor updating stating that we will not be continuing development until Speedrun Mayhem is complete. We … More Proxima Update #24

Warsong Update #5

It’s been a while since the last update! Due to final exams, we had to temporarily halt production. Though, we are back at it now with a shiny new update! We have continued to develop ideas/concepts and further refined them. We have started to work on board designs, board hazards, classes, refining how mana works, … More Warsong Update #5

Warsong Update #4

Due to the legality of the project, we are unfortunately going to have to make some major changes. As of today, Project Warsong will not be a board-game based on Warlords. We are going to have to change the concepts of the game. This project is not going to get canceled but it will no … More Warsong Update #4

Warsong Update #3

We have released a thread to discuss classes, specializations, and whether or not we should include %-based values! Please check it out and leave your thoughts… >> Project Warsong Discussion: Specializations and % Based Values << >> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<>&gt; Public Doc: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <&lt; Changelog:– Progress has been made towards designing the classes & specs, we have now gotten the basics … More Warsong Update #3

Warsong Update #2

We have updated the Public Information doc which includes the most up-to-date public information not found on the thread. >> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<>&gt; Public Doc: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <&lt; Changelog:– Critical has been removed from the game (F)– Cooldowns have been removed from the game (F)– Mounts have been re-added after some discussion– Warsong & Atterrough Valley are the maps we have decided … More Warsong Update #2