Welcome to my portfolio! Whether you are evaluating me for a job or are interested in a selection of my work, I do hope you enjoy! Below you will find specific Game Projects, works of Photography, Minecraft Projects, and other Minecraft creations!

Game Projects

Warsong [In Dev]

I welcome thee to the next great creation of the millennia, Project Warsong. The game will be a team-based board game with different game modes, the ability to build your own class, boards, weapons, energy (mana), and more! Create the ultimate class and use your chosen abilities to defeat enemy players. Work together with your team and fight valiantly to complete the game’s objectives!

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Welcome to H.E.A.R.T, a strategic turn-based card game in which 4 players engage in free-for-all combat to break each others’ Hearts. The game is centered around the classic motif of attacking and defeating your friends in cold blood. You are able to play as many cards as you hold when it is your turn, allowing strategic choices when deciding what and how many cards to save or use.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.



Total Downloads (across all projects): 250,000+

Aberrant Worlds

The first ever adventure map published by team ForumJelly. This is a classic adventure map which features concepts of the 1.4-1.7 style of Minecraft adventure maps. Including side-quests, custom bosses, hidden bosses, special items, secret areas. As well as passive effects, enemies, creative areas, and a detailed story.

Downloads: 18,000+
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A Metroidvania inspired CTM adventure map which will feature custom items, enemies, bosses, recipes, and an ability build system. Alongside intricately designed areas, each with unique mechanics; key items, background lore, skip travel system, custom sound effects, and a detailed texture pack.

Downloads: None (WIP)
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Speedrunning Mayhem

A competitive speedrunning map in which four teams use their Minecraft knowledge to beat the game before the other teams. The map includes five separate game modes/modifiers; with each team getting their own 96×96 area to work with. With 8 unique game-maps for the overworld, nether, and end; making a total of 24 unique maps!

Downloads: None (WIP)
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The Lucky Block Creeper, otherwise known as the Creeper Lucky Block, is an addition to the Lucky Block mod. One of the biggest Minecraft Mods of all time, with a few millions of downloads to show for it. The Lucky Block Creeper has over 150 unique drops that can range from very bad to very good; no one knows what will happen until you break it!

Downloads: 100,000+