Project Warsong is a team-based board game with different game modes, the ability to build your own class, boards, mana, items, powerups, and more! Create the ultimate class and use your chosen arts to defeat enemy players. Work together with your team and fight valiantly to complete the game’s objectives!

Before we start, I want to address that this project is currently in the planning phase. Meaning that no actual cards, pieces, or even full-board designs have been created nor finalized! In addition, names, concepts, ideas, and rules aren’t anywhere close to finalized as well. Everything in this thread is subject to drastic changes.​

Phase 2: Prototyping and Concept Refinement

How will the game work?

The game will be a turn-based strategy game in which players will move around the board. Utilizing their abilities in order to disturb the flow of combat as they try to complete different objectives.

The game will consist of two teams, Red & Blue; dueling in one of the two game modes, Domination or Capture the Flag. Furthermore, the game centralizes on creating a good class in order to fight opponents or support your teammates. Finally, throughout the game, there are special powerup spaces, weapons, items, powerups, and a special ability called the “Warsong” which can spice up the game.

The board will be made up of hexagonal shapes that players can move around on. The maps will include points to capture the flag, areas for domination, areas where players are unable to move (walls, buildings, water, cliffs, etc.), and potential ramps/buildings. Of course, these will mostly be 2D features.

Basic Information

Player Movement: Player movement will likely be based on a die! However, certain abilities, powerups, and obstacles can also affect movement.

Powerups: The game will include various power-ups which can be picked up on the board that will grant temporary buffs. These will be represented through powerup spaces.

Items: When a player lands on an item space, they will receive a random single-use item. It could be a healing ability, a single use art, or even something that could change the rules of the game; you never know! Players will only be allowed to hold up to a certain number of items and will be able to conceal them from other players.

Health: Each player will have a set number of health points (hp) that are depleted when a player takes damage. At the start of a player’s turn, they will automatically regenerate a little bit of health. However, certain arts and powerups can also affect health.

Death: When a player dies, they are sent all the way back to their base. Players will be able to use a “mount” that will add extra spaces to every roll done by the player. However, if the player is hit they are dismounted. Players also cannot attack while on a mount, activate powerups, use items, or even pick up the flag. Killing another player will give you a little bit of mana as well.

Turn Order: The turn order will be alternative. For example, a red player takes their turn then a blue player takes their turn. The game is recommended for a party of 6; but is playable with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8.

Mana: This is a tricky one, but the idea is that all players will have a set amount of mana at the start of the game; with different abilities requiring mana. If the player does not possess enough mana, they cannot use an art. Mana is regenerated through certain arts, items, powerups, and at the start of their turn.

A.O.E or Ranged based Attacks

  1. Range: When a player fires a ranged attack, it will travel a certain number of spaces from the player’s position.

  2. A.O.E: This can be dictated by defining a radius on how far the effect goes. Imagine a circle that 2 spaces large and the player is in the center of that circle. When they use an A.O.E attack, their attack will hit everyone within the imaginary circle.

What will the game modes be like?
The game will most likely include two game modes: Capture the Flag and Territory Capture (Name Wip).

Capture the Flag 
Players will win by capturing the flag a certain number of times, this will be set by the players themselves. A team cannot capture a flag if their flag is stolen, meaning they will need to return it before they themselves can capture. A person who is currently carrying the flag is not able to use any movement ability; so take this as an opportunity to strike!

Territory Capture (Name Wip)
The entire map will be covered in “districts” or “zones” that players will need to capture. Each district has a flag that players will need to pick up and take back to their base; once players are able to do that they control the district.

Players are able to steal each other’s districts by simply picking up an enemy’s district  flag and taking it back to their own base; however, flag mechanics work similarly to CTF as well.

In order to win, a team must have a certain amount of districts under their control; once they do a master flag will spawn in and they need to capture it, once they do, they win.

Map Hazards

Walls: Will serve as barriers for players. Players will not be able to cross them and any art will be blocked by them.

Pits: Similar to rivers, however, players can be knocked into them via an art that does knockback. If a player falls down, they will need to roll a certain number to escape.

Swamp: Rolls are halved if a player rolls while in the swamp.

Rivers: Will serve as mainly decoration on the board. However, players will be unable to cross them. Projectiles can still move over them.

How will Classes, Weapons, and the Warsong factor into this game?

All players will be represented on the board with game pieces and their class will be reflected on their pieces.
Warrior, Paladin, Mage, and Shaman are the current classes; more may be added soon.

Players will select either Mage, Paladin, Warrior, or Shaman and then pick from a pool of “abilities” to make their own class. Each class will have 4 abilities, the player being able to select all 4 of them. These are the kind of abilities…

Attack: An attack art which deals damage
Utility: An art that will help the player in some way (speed boost, energy buff, etc.)
Healing: An art that will heal the player in some way
Ultimate: An art that unifies the build, the signature art if you will (it can be an attack, utility, heal, etc.)

In addition to that, each class of the four classes will play differently…

Mage: A Range-based elemental character. Will rely largely on buffs & debuffs in order to do anything substantial. Builds can be stuff like white mage, dark mage, red mage, dedicated healer, dedicated buffer, etc. The class will have excellent mana and mana regeneration but poor health.

Shaman: Jack-of-all trades, can do the things Mage, Warrior, and Paladin can do but in a different way. Can be a melee class, or a range class. Can rely on debuffs or be a tank. It depends on you! The class will be pretty even in terms of mana, mana regeneration, and health.

Warrior: Pure Melee. Will rely on pure damage and utilize melee based arts. Builds can be defensive, offensive, glass-cannon like, dps, tanky, etc. The class will have excellent health but poor mana/mana regeneration.

Paladin: Similar to Warrior in the melee aspect but will have a more unique move set, specifically in the healing and utility department. Builds can be super customizable with one being magic based or another being melee based. The class will boast fairly even mana, mana regeneration, and health.

Players will pick what they want for their class. However, to control it, we have implemented a cost for adding arts to your “build” in the form of art points. The better the art, the more expensive it is. This ensures that players can’t go all out with super strong moves abilities. All classes have a maximum of 25 art points they can spend.

Warsongs are extremely powerful attacks. Warsong will work similar to weapons in which there is a single space on the board where a player can obtain a Warsong. However, there can only be one Warsong on the board at a time, meaning only one player possesses it at a given time. In order to use it, the player must charge it up by using their abilities on opponents or teammates. Once charged, they may use pick any kind of Warsong from the Warsong pool and unleash it’s power upon everyone. The Warsong will respawn after the player uses it or the player dies while holding it.

What can I do?

We would very very very much appreciate it if you list any ideas, feedback, criticisms, and anything else that you may have. Gaining input from everyone will be a major help.

Finally, spreading the word will be huge in keeping this project alive. There is also a chance that we may Kickstarter this project if it gains enough attention.

Feel free to join the discord or check out the “In-Depth Information” which covers the topics on this page in greater detail. Also please join our discord if you want to leave feedback, ask questions, or just generally be with the project!

Project Updates

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