Muqarib Tahir Anwar | Photo Taken by Abbas T. Anwar

Greetings! I am Muqarib T. Anwar, otherwise known as “craftdiamonds” on the internet. 

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Maryland College Park seeking a B.S. in Environmental Science & Technology. With a particular concentration in Ecological Technology Design (Ecosystem Ecology) and a minor in Sustainability Studies. I have a wide background in sustainability, environmental science, ecosystem ecology, and sustainable agriculture. I hope to gain more experience with the rest of my undergrad via lab work, fieldwork, volunteering, and internship/job experience.

Furthermore, I have a unique passion for indie game development as I like to create remarkable experiences for players of all kinds to enjoy or admire. I also enjoy other creative mediums such as photography, pixel art, voxel art, game design, and Minecraft building.

My current goal is to graduate from university with a B.S. in Ecological Technology Design and follow a career in this field, potentially pursuing an M.S. soon after. However, I also plan on becoming a part-time indie game creator paired with this.

I have about 3+ years of general experience in game design, 8+ years working with Minecraft, and 2+ years in the environmental science/tech field. I’ve got strong skills with game design concepts and basic knowledge of script writing languages. I like to learn by messing around with things rather than following tutorials and I typically take the leadership role in projects.

- Muqarib T. Anwar | craftdiamonds
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