Warsong Update #6: 6/13/21

Update #6: 6/13/21
What do you all think of E3 so far? In other news, it’s time for an update!

As per usual, we have continued to work on concepts/ideas, but we are a lot more solid than before. We have all the key ideas down and it’s time to further advance them! We have also continued to work on board designs, classes, weapons, and items! Review the changelog below.


  • The games webpage has been adjusted with colors and more information + some QoL fixes.
  • Items have now been introduced as single-use consumables; typically it will be an art or a simple move (restore health, more movement to a dice, etc.)
  • We have shifted theme of this game a bit, where everything is now based off of “War, Music/Song, and Fantasy/Magic” so everything will revolve around these concepts.
  • Each class has now been furthered, explaining how each class differs from one another and how each class is can be played.
  • Based on the discord poll, all abilities will now be referred too as “Arts.”
  • We have furthered development on map layouts, below is one such potential layout.

Proxima Update #24: 6/11/21

Update #24: 6/11/21
It’s been nearly four months and 1.17 has just been released. We are aware of this and we are also aware of the fact that we said we would continue development once 1.17 is released. However, we would like to release this minor updating stating that we will not be continuing development until Speedrun Mayhem is complete. We have been making good consistent progress on the map and we can expect it to be complete or near-complete by the end of the summer. We do not want to drop one map and pick up another as we didn’t expect 1.17 to release in this two-part structure.

As of right now, Proxima’s development is still paused. Our current plan is to finish Speedrun Mayhem, then resume development on Proxima. After this, work on a new minigame map and then finally a sequel/prequel to Aberrant Worlds, Proxima, or something new entirely.

Thank you, we hope to see you all having fun with our maps!
– craftdiamonds, Director

Update Archive for Proxima can be found here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/3vik8jo
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3iAgM8R

Warsong Update #5: 5/21/21

It’s been a while since the last update! Due to final exams, we had to temporarily halt production. Though, we are back at it now with a shiny new update!

We have continued to develop ideas/concepts and further refined them. We have started to work on board designs, board hazards, classes, refining how mana works, weapons, powerups, and a new ability called “Warsong.” View the changelog below for more details, we hope to kick this project into high gear!

– The games webpage has been heavily updated and refined so that it’s easier to understand what the game is about
– The class system has been revamped. Players now build their own classes instead of using pre-builts
– Board hazard ideas have been introduced
– The powerup system has been further developed
– The concept of weapons have shifted, now being a permanent buff that players will be able to change if they can make it to the “weapons space”
– A new ability has been added called “Warsong” which is a complex one-use ability that players will be able to pickup from the Warsong space. Players will then be able to charge their “Warsong” by using abilities. Once fully charged, the player can unleash an extremely deadly move. Only one person can hold the Warsong at a time in the entire game; upon usage or death, the Warsong respawns at the Warsong space.

To view these changes in greater detail, refer to the official Warsong page or review the In-Depth information below! Please do not hesitate to join our discord as well 🙂

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Official Site: https://craftdiamonds.net/warsong/ <<
>> In-Depth Information: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <<
>> Twitter: https://twitter.com/crafdiamonds <<

Speedrunning Mayhem Update #2: 4/12/21

Update #2: 4/12/21
The map has made some significant progress in the past month! Every single last detail has been finalized. We have now finished 3/9 maps and built a cool little lobby. In addition, the random tasks game mode has been implemented with dozens of tasks already on the map!

o Random-tasks has made significant progress, nearly all tasks are complete
o Snowy Taiga area has been fully completed
o Lots of progress has been completed for the Inversion map
o The lobby has been built
o Images have been updated
Map is now 20% Complete

View changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd

Website Update: 4/4/31

Greetings! I have made many changes to the site over the past few days. Making a tad bit more user-friendly and altered a lot of descriptions.

> The description for Warsong has been changed to be more coherent with the actual game
> The image for Warsong has been changed
> The description for Warsong has been changed to be more coherent with the actual game
> The image for Warsong has been changed
> The image for H.E.A.R.T has been changed
> A few of the images for the “Minecraft” section have been moved around

> The description for Warsong has been changed to be more coherent with the actual game
> The image for Warsong has been changed

> The image for Warsong has been changed; it is no longer an image from the Hypixel server
> All traces of Warlords & Hypixel have been removed from the game and page
> Link to the Hypixel Forums post has been removed
> The length of the page has been reduced and simplified
> Descriptions have been reworded to make them more understandable
> The public information doc has been revamped

Warsong Update #4: 3/28/21

Due to the legality of the project, we are unfortunately going to have to make some major changes. As of today, Project Warsong will not be a board-game based on Warlords. We are going to have to change the concepts of the game.

This project is not going to get canceled but it will no longer have any affiliation with Hypixel or Warlords. We will continue development with our own ideas/concepts moving forward.

Due to this, all updates will no longer be made on this thread or the Hypixel Forums. All threads related to Warsong will be locked. There will be no more future threads related to the project either. All information will now be found on the Warsong Discord & Official Site.

In the coming days, the discord/site will be undergoing changes in order to comply with Warsong’s future. Expect a few more announcements and updates soon!

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Official Site: https://craftdiamonds.net/warsong/ <<
>> Twitter: https://twitter.com/crafdiamonds <<
>> Archived threads can be found on the Warsong Discord <<

Warsong Update #3: 3/18/21

Update #3: 3/18/21
We have released a thread to discuss classes, specializations, and whether or not we should include %-based values! Please check it out and leave your thoughts…

>> Project Warsong Discussion: Specializations and % Based Values <<

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Public Doc: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <<

– Progress has been made towards designing the classes & specs, we have now gotten the basics down and are seeking discussion/feedback
– We have started to slowly figure out how weapons will factor into all of this

Speedrunning Mayhem Update #1: 3/16/21

Update #1: 3/16/21
The map has made some significant progress in the past month! We have finalized nearly every last detail and have begun to work on the separate game modes while also building the map at the same time. As of right now, we have 3/10 overworld maps near completion. Furthermore, the size of the team has expanded! We now have seven active team members as compared to the five we had before. We now have 4 builders and 3 developers to balance everything out, as compared to the 4 builders and 1 developer we had before.

o Please welcome Deadlycupcake & MeneerMathieu to the ForumJelly team
o Jungle area and Snowy Taiga areas have been completed
o Work has begun on the Bingo game mode and the random tasks game mode
o Concepts and the team overall have started to become organized
o Images have been updated

View changes Here
Planet Minecraft: https://bit.ly/38LyGjf
Hypixel Forums: https://bit.ly/3qQJqDd


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Warsong Update #2: 3/6/21

Update #2: 3/6/21
We have updated the Public Information doc which includes the most up-to-date public information not found on the thread.

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<
>> Public Doc: https://bit.ly/3qoXQKk <<

– Critical has been removed from the game (F)
– Cooldowns have been removed from the game (F)
– Mounts have been re-added after some discussion
– Warsong & Atterrough Valley are the maps we have decided to bring in for CTF
– Arati & Death Valley are the maps we have decided to bring in for Dom
– Turn Order has been revamped to be more traditional (R, B, R, B style)
– All abilities will now only require a certain amount of energy, instead of both energy and cooldowns
– Working on the idea of Special Spaces & Ability/Kill Streaks, can’t tell you about them quite yet though 


Warsong Update #1: 2/9/21

Update #1: 2/9/21
The Official Project Warsong Discord has been released! This project will be a community-based project, in which everyone here will be able to help! Everyone will be able to provide direct feedback for the project as well as figuring out the best way to make this game as fun as possible.

The project will also require beta testers, artists, game designers, etcetera to help in the creation of Warsong, please let me know if you are interested in any of these by joining the discord. Please note that if you wish to get super involved, I will ask for some information about yourself regarding Warlords.

Feel free to join in order to watch the project grow, leave feedback & suggestions, assist with the development, or just chat and complain about Warlords.

>> Discord: https://discord.gg/qRRUQytJBy <<